Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toilet Sign

I wanted something over the toilet in our newly redone bathroom. I found this saying on-line and tried to re-create it with a peice of scrapwood.

Carving Pumpkins

Our AWANA program has a pumpkin carving contest for the kids. We had a lot of fun doing this. It is good that our church does this or I'm not sure I would actually do this each year! Breanna made the Cinderella carriage with horses and a polly pocket Cinderella. Bob the Tomato!
Mikayla carved and painted a vase that we filled with fresh flowers from Bre's garden. Wish these pumpkins could last all season!

Go Phillies!!!

Josh and Moses created wonderful memories watching the Phillies win the World Series this year. I am not sure that it was as meaningful to Moses as it was to Josh but it sure was fun for me to watch them! Moses enjoyed the celebration the most!
Waving my kitchen towels.

Watching Chase Utley steal second base.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is the only full bathroom for our household of six. It is pretty tight in here especially on school mornings when there can be as many as five of us in here at once! The walls were always a creamy white and here I had already started putting up the beadboard. After the beadboard was up and calked, spackled and painted I painted the walls blue. I wanted a darker color and choose blue only because the counter is blue and the floors have blue in them. Also because I already have green, yellow, red, brown, purple and orange rooms! Good grief.
I really did not expect to like the blue as much as I do in this bathroom. I don't use blue much in any other rooms. I am surprised that it actually feels a little bigger - and a lot cleaner. I don't necessarily like the green in here with the blue. (There is a green braided rug on the floor, too.) But until I have more money it will do!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kitchen Update

These knobs used to be brass and porcelyn. I used a flat black spray paint and aged them with some acrylyc craft paint.

I used black Krylon paint for the refrigerator. It was white before and stood out. Now it blends so much nicer.

Favorite Things

I like the vintage kitchen gadjets on this bright yellow.
This isn't really one of my favorite things. These are sports cards that Josh has collected for years. I bought the display cases for him for his birthday. This is the wall that used to be dark varnished wood. I like the painted plank look. The color of this wall is more gold than this photo shows.

This shelf has old marbles in a jar from my dad when he was a boy. I redid these curtains for the playroom from some cheap tablecloths that I found. I love the fabric. this tv cabinet was someone else's throw away.

This is an old tin I liked and framed it with an old cheapy wood shelf from goodwill that looks great painted.

This wall really is gold not peach! Love the glassless window.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Recent Accomplishments and Occasions

Breanna has been begging to learn to use my machine, so we started some lessons this summer. She loves it! Mikayla finally lost one of her front teeth. As of this post they are both missing! She was obviously quite excited about this!
My Uncle Mo and Aunt Karen came to see us from KS. My uncle was born and raised Amish in the Lancaster area. We had a wonderful time with them.
Moses really thought is was cool to meet someone else named "Mo."